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Buyer and Seller Myths about real estate

Throughout the years I have come across a lot of misinformation about the home buying and selling process. Much of this information has been spread around by friends and family not involved in real estate to other people who are in the process of buying or selling a home. Unfortunately these friends aren't full time real estate professionals who have been involved in 100's of real estate transactions who have the knowledge and experience to properly guide a buyer and seller with questions or concerns they have. Here are the most common myths and misconceptions I come across in my business.

Buyer Myth - You can't buy anything with less than 20% down.

Not true. FHA loans require only 3.5 percent down and even…
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In this high paced real estate market many homeowners who are trying to sell their home are also buying a home during the same time. The most important thing to do in this sort of situation is put your home up for sale far in advance of buying a new one. You may want to consider selling first especially in a buyers market. This way you will know exactly how much money you will have when buying a new home. Too many potential sellers start looking at homes before they put theirs on the market and often fall in love with something and then have to rush to get their home on the market. They price it low in order for a quick sale to find a buyer right away to avoid losing the home they like to another buyer who has nothing to sell and is ready to move forward.

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